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Ressence Type 5 Oil-Filled Dive Watch

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Watchmakers Ressence have debuted their first dive watch with the Ressence Type 5.
 The Ressence concept is about creating an ultra-chic timepiece case filled with oil to create the illusion that it is one solid dial with almost invisible connections between the parts. You need to see these Ressence watches in person to truly understand how cool they look. The oil-filled dial lends itself well to fantastic legibility.
Inspired by the shape of sea turtles, the Ressence Type 5 diver is water resistant to 100 meters. Whilst the Ressence Type 5 isn't meant for extremely deep diving, it is the first timepiece of its kind and remains nicely sized without bulking up the case in order to protect it against water pressure.
The indicators on the dial are the time with separated hours, minutes, and seconds, along with the oil temperature gauge. All information moves around the face in relation to the minute hand.
The Ressence Type 5 and other Ressence cases do not have traditional crowns. Rather, the case itself is turned in order to manually wind or set the time. The movement inside the watch is an automatic, which helps the Ressence Type 5 to be very convenient to wear
 The top part of the case is what is filled with oil while the back part of the case is dry and where the movement is. The two sections are connected by small magnets. The movement chamber is hermetically sealed preventing any of the dial oil from seeping into the movement. The 4Hz frequency movement has 36 hours of power reserve  and, of course, is a self-winding automatic.
Both the Ressence Type 5 case and the dial are produced from type 5 titanium. Attached to the case is a black Barenia leather strap with a matching titanium buckle.
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