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5 Must-Have Watch Straps For Summer

5 Must-Have Watch Straps For Summer

As the summer months roll in, your watch needs to be prepared for the warmth, sweat and outdoor activities it’s going to face. With rising temperatures, a simple strap change on your watch can make a huge difference to how comfortable your watch feels on your wrist, and you can finally take advantage of additional features like water resistance.

So, it’s time to ditch the leather and metal, and say hello to rubber and nylon straps for your watch. To help you decide which is best for you and your lifestyle, we’ve compiled a list of the best watch straps to wear in the summer, and our top picks! 

5 Must-Have Watch Straps For Summer Include:

  1. Hirsch Performance Range
  2. Bonetto Cinturini Rubber Straps
  3. ISOSWISS Rubber Straps
  4. Seatbelt One-Piece Straps
  5. Erika’s Originals MN Straps

1. Hirsch Performance Range

Whatever you’re wearing in the heat, whether that be shoes or clothes, you want it to be breathable, and it’s exactly the same for your watch strap. This is why the Hirsch Performance range is the perfect solution for your summer watch, featuring a comfortable natural rubber base that allows your skin to breathe.

Hirsch ROBBY Red / Black Sailcloth Effect Performance Watch Strap

If you live an active lifestyle and are looking for a watch strap that will keep up with you, then the Hirsch Robby Performance strap is an ideal choice. This superb strap pairs a brightly-coloured premium rubber core with a genuine Italian calfskin upper layer and a fine natural texture. The perforations throughout means your skin will be kept ventilated during high activity, enhancing comfort and breathability.

Whether you're working in the garden, hiking, biking, swimming or simply relaxing on the beach, these straps are perfect for all of your summer adventures! As it's designed for the active enthusiast, the Robby is also water-resistant up to 300m, meaning you can sweat and swim without compromising the strap.

You can find our complete Hirsch Performance collection here. 

2. Bonetto Cinturini Rubber Straps

Since the 1980s, Bonetto Cinturini has specialised in the design and manufacture of premium Italian rubber watch straps. Their straps have consistently met the functional needs of divers, swimmers, sportsmen, discerning leisure wearers and ideal for use during exercise and aquatic activities during the summer months. 

Bonetto Cinturini 317 Premium Rubber Watch Strap in ORANGE

This premium rubber watch strap features a uniform, smooth texture, contrasted by a complex outline featuring bevelled edges and a stylish sharp taper at the lug-end.

The 317 is a fantastic waterproof range that’s strong, supple, saltwater and UV resistant - an excellent choice for an active user, whether that be on land or at sea. Like all Benetto Cinturini straps, it combines durable NBR (not lint and dust-attracting silicone rubber) with contrasting hardware - stylish, yet incredibly durable and sturdy. 

View our full Bonetto Cinturini range here. 

3.ISO SWISS Rubber Straps

ISOSWISS are a highly regarded watch strap based manufacturer based in Switzerland, who specialise in the production of novel, high-quality straps constructed from vegan-friendly caoutchouc rubber.

Combining styles emulating materials such as intricately-woven fabric and authentic alligator skin with the supple, waterproof attributes of premium rubber, these are an excellent accessory that effortlessly combine style and substance.

ISO SWISS SKINSKAN Alligator-Embossed Rubber Watch Strap in BLUE with White Stitch

Combining the highly desirable water-resistant characteristics of caoutchouc rubber with the authentic, intricately detailed texture of alligator skin, the ISO SWISS SkinSkan strap is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of both style and function. 

This strap is also suitable for vegans and outfitted with a matching back stitched edge.

Discover our wide range of ISO SWISS Rubber Straps here. 

4. Seatbelt One-Piece Straps

The Seatbelt One-Piece strap is a supremely comfortable, breathable and durable waterproof watch strap for the summer, and has been given a boost over the standard one-piece straps. The seatbelt range is thicker, denser nylon that is robust yet soft on your skin is paired with heavy duty hardware to create this beastly one-piece nylon band.

Seatbelt One-Piece Nylon Watch Strap in OLIVE GREEN with BRUSHED STEEL Hardware

These premium Seatbelt One-Piece Straps are constructed with a dense nylon weave, giving them enhanced durability with increased tensile strength, whilst still boasting flexibility. The material used gives the strap a silky-smooth, high-quality feel upon the wrist, and comes outfitters with heavy-duty stainless steel hardware.

The strap features 13 holes so it can fit a wide range of wrists, and can be easily adjustable if your wrist swells in the heat, to maintain a comfortable fit. The extra length also means you can wear your watch over a jacket - ideal when partaking in activities such as sailing, skiing, hunting, golfing, fishing etc.

Furthermore, a one-piece strap is more secure than any other type of strap. The added security comes from the strap being one piece but secured to the watch in two separate points. Meaning, should one spring bar fail then the second spring bar will keep the watch attached to the strap, bringing you peace of mind during any activity. 

View the complete Seatbelt One-Piece collection here. 

5. Erika’s Originals MN Straps

Erika’s Originals MN straps are another attractive watch strap for the summer. Erika’s Original MN straps are widely considered one of the most comfortable all-season watch straps on the market today due to their parachute-style hardware and superior European spandex elastic nylon. Nylon is extremely comfortable to wear and also absorbs and regulates moisture better than any other strap material. 

The elasticated construction also allows the wearer to quickly adjust and reposition the watch to closely fit along the forearm, for peerless versatility and comfort, making it the perfect strap in the heat. 

Erika's Originals ORIGINAL MN™ Strap with BLACK Centerline - BRUSHED Hardware

The Original MN™ strap is a new, hugely popular variety of adjustable one-piece strap created by Erika's Originals. Crafted from elasticated nylon webbing closely styled after 1970s French Marine Nationale parachutes, the strap is rich with character and history.  

Its signature centerline stitch is available in a wide variety of colours that can be paired to a dial colour or accent that will compliment your watch.

Browse the full Erika’s Originals MN Straps here. 


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Written by Kate, for Watch Obsession.