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5 Best Straps For Omega Speedmaster

5 Best Straps For Omega Speedmaster

The OMEGA Speedmaster is one of the most iconic and best-selling chronograph watches, and was in fact the first OMEGA to reach space in 1962. Since then, it has been a part of all six lunar missions - including Apollo 11 in 1969, during which Aldrin and Armstrong became the first men to walk on the moon - the Swiss marque’s Speedmaster Professional Chronograph (to give it its technical name) has become one of the brightest stars in the watch firmament. Today, it is still used by NASA astronauts in OMEGA Speedmaster X-33 form.

A luxury watch should reflect its owner’s unique personality and taste. As such, watch straps represent the perfect way to customise the OMEGA Speedmaster timepiece and make it truly yours. But with so many options out there, it can be hard knowing which straps are best suited for the Speedmaster. Of course, OMEGA  have their very own suitable watch straps for the Speedmaster, but it can be more interesting seeing what combinations you can create with aftermarket straps. 

Here, we help narrow down your options and bring you 5 of our best straps for the OMEGA Speedmaster. These will also look great on the new Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch


The 5 best straps for the OMEGA Speedmaster are:

  1. Jean Paul Menicucci Straps
  2. Erika’s Originals Straps
  3. Forstner President 1450 Bracelet
  4. Morellato Derain Leather Straps
  5. Premium Nylon One-Piece Straps

1.Jean Paul Menicucci Straps

From his workshop in Lucca, Italy Jean Paul and his team produce some of the nicest vintage style watch straps available today. The OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch is a chronograph made for space, but it can be very classy too when paired with a JPM vintage leather strap

JPM Italian Vintage Leather Watch Strap in MID BROWN

5 Best Straps For Omega Speedmaster

This stunning JPM vintage leather strap is hand-crafted in Italy and wrought from beautifully soft and supple leather, carefully distressed to convey an intricate texture. 

Available in a selection of earthen tones, this is a comfortable, natural-looking band that fits in well with the OMEGA Speedmaster. 

You can find our complete collection of JPM watch straps here. 

2. Erika’s Originals Straps 

Erika's Originals Watch Straps from the MN™ series of military-style watch straps are rich with style and history, featuring bold centerline stitching in coloured, as well as luminescent linen.

The straps are also famously comfortable to wear due to their parachute-style hardware and elasticated construction that allow you to quickly reposition and adjust your watch to closely fit any point along your wrist.

Erika's Originals NASA MN™ Strap in FULL BLACK with BLACK Hardware

Best Straps For Omega Speedmaster

The NASA MN™ strap is a tribute to the exploits of the venerable American space agency and a superb complement to the watches made famous by them, i.e. the OMEGA Speedmaster.

The strap features parachute-style hardware adorned with a prominent white imprint of the stylised NASA 'worm' logo; the clasp allows you to adjust the fit of the strap quickly and easily at any point along your forearm, while the strap's elastic characteristics allow you to tailor its grip to your particular taste.

Browse our full collection of Erika’s Originals watch straps here. 


3. Forstner President 1450 Bracelet

 Straps For Omega Speedmaster

The vintage OMEGA 1450 Bracelet has been famously praised as "one of the best Speedmaster bracelets that has been produced," and is now routinely labelled the "holy grail" of OMEGA bracelets

The Forstner President 1450 Bracelet is a recreation of the fan-favourite 1450 OMEGA bracelet (including true-to-original rounded solid H-shaped end pieces), with some extra features for convenience and comfort. 

Each rounded link is slightly different in size, and the end pieces are curved so that they don't make direct contact with the lug ends, for a true recreation of that classic style. The bracelet features a fully brushed texture and is made of hi-spec 316L stainless steel, making it durable and dependable in hostile conditions. To ensure optimal comfort throughout the day without need for adjustment, Forstner has included two “stretchy” links behind the clasp.

4. Morellato Derain Leather Straps

5 of the Best Straps For Omega Speedmaster

Available in 3 natural earthen tones, the handsome Morellato Derain strap  is built around comfort, durability and a rustic design ethos and features pleasingly substantial, rounded padding and stitched edge detail in a natural earthen brown hue.

Half-remborded for added water resistance, this strap is a reliable workhorse that effortlessly matches its style and substance.

Shop our complete collection of Morellato Derain watch straps here. 


5. Premium Nylon One-Piece Straps

5 Best Straps For the Omega Speedmaster

With a one-piece strap fitted, your watch is guaranteed to be more safe and secure than any other type of strap, ensuring your OMEGA Speedmaster stays around your wrist at all times. They are also the quickest and easiest way of transforming your Speedmaster, giving it a more unique look. 

Inspired by the OMEGA One-Piece Watch Strap range (but at a more affordable price), our Premium One-Piece Straps are easy to adjust and available in a range of bold colours and patterns.

Shop our extensive range of Premium One-Piece Straps here. 

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Written by Kate, for WatchObsession.