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Closer Looks: Waterproof Watch Straps for everyone

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Dive watches come in all shapes and sizes, some having all the complications you can throw at them whilst others remain simple and more legible underwater. It is a similar story when it comes to waterproof watch straps and what they offer your watch. There will always be a watch strap out there to suit your needs and to help you find the right waterproof strap, we have selected some from our stock that you should consider.

ZULU Nylon 3 Ring PVD Watch Strap £17.95
The most affordable and probably the most practical of the waterproof straps. The Zulu watch strap works much like a nylon one-piece watch strap but is made with a thicker material and uses larger fastening hardware. It threads through the tubes or spring bars on your watch which adds security because, if either of your spring bars fail then the watch remains on your wrist by the remaining spring bar or tubes. The only downside to this strap is it may take a while to dry off compared to the Rubber straps.

ISOfrane Rubber Dive Strap - £71.95 - £100.00
One of the most recognised waterproof watch straps around, the ISOfrane was first introduced in the 60's when it is was fitted to professional divers watches. The look of the strap has remained relatively unchanged but the modern day strap uses updated materials. It is the longest of the watch straps in this selection and for good reason. The extra length means you can wear your watch over your wetsuit and with 5 more holes than any of the other conventional straps in this selection it offers a more comfortable fit. Four purposeful holes along the middle of each side to the watch strap make it breathable. Not only that but the ISOfrane has a small set of ridges on the underside of the strap to help draw perspiration away from the skin. Made form rubber, this strap doesn't absorb or hold any water which means it dries off quickly.

Hirsch Extreme Natural Rubber Watch Strap - £59.00
The Hirsch Extreme is a strap designed to be able to keep up with those that wear watches when partaking in their favourite Watersports. Its thickness and strength makes it reliable, durable and a perfect match for chunkier dive watches. Made from natural caoutchouc rubber which doesn't absorb water and dries quickly. With looks that could cut through water as quickly as you will be, the Hirsch Extreme is the real deal.

Hirsch Tiger Perforated Leather Performance Watch Strap - £65
This strap earns its spot in the 'Hirsch Performance' collection by being waterproof to an incredible 300m, having a breathable rubber lining with perforated holes and also coming with a 30 month warranty. Hirsch have embodied style and performance in to this strap perfectly. Suitable for any watch lover wanting to desk dive in the office throughout the day then clock up some lengths swimming after. You will not be disappointed by the Hirsch Tiger.

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