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The numbers behind an F1 World Championship Win

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What exactly does it take to win a Formula 1 World Championship? The basic answer would be a combination of copious amounts of driving skill, reliability of your chariot and some luck along the way. Lewis Hamilton has this season for the second time in his career has taken this illustrious title but what did the numbers say he achieved? UBS have put together all of the vital statistics that made up Lewis' impressive season. Here they are in all of their glory...

What was a very dominant season for the Mercedes F1 team made for tedious viewing at times but having the two of their drivers so closely matched did make it quite exciting at times. The Mercedes W05 Hybrid car was a culmination of innovation in the field of Motorsport engineering. I am sure that everyone is wishing for a slightly more competitive season next year but you cannot deny that this season did have its highs.

UBS put together these awesome statistics for each circuit before the race weekend begins. Check out their website here and keep an eye on them for next season.