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Heli Watch Cleaning Kit Guide

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In this guide we will show you how to get the best out of your Heli Watch Cleaning Kit. Cleaning your watch is essential to prolonging the life exterior parts. You will want to use the correct tools for the job too and this kit has everything you need to keep your Bracelet and Straps clean.
Firstly, we cleaned the bracelet. We done this using the following steps.
Start off by applying generous amounts of the Heli Bracelet Cleaner to your Bracelet. Shake well before you spray and spray from a distance of around 8-12cm which ensures that an even coat of the cleaning solutions will be applied to the Bracelet.
Allow the solution to go to work on the grime and dirt on your Bracelet for a few minutes before taking the Cleaning Sticks and using them to work off the dirt.
Once you have removed a lot of the dirt with the cleaning sticks, you will now want to rinse the bracelet in fresh water to clean off both the dirt and the cleaning solution. You should now be left with a very wet but clean bracelet. You can use the Heli XXL Microfibre cloth to dry the bracelet. The cloth will both dry and clean the bracelet. It is a ultra-fine microfirbe cleaning cloth and it is less likely to scratch your bracelet but it is always good to dry with the grain of the brushed finish on the bracelet. Here are some before and after photos of the bracelet we cleaned.
You will be very surprised at the results you get from using this process. Keeping your bracelet clean is beneficial for your hygiene and should be done regularly.

For the Strap deodorant, it is simply a case of spraying your Heli Watch Strap Deodorant from a distance of around 8-12cm for an even coating and allow it to dry. Some strap manufactures recommend you clean your straps with a damp sponge. Hirsch are one of them that does, their straps will benefit from a light cleaning every couple of weeks. We could recommend cleaning the strap, then dry it, then apply the Heli Strap Deodorant. The same applies for Rubber straps.
Thank you for reading, please post any questions below and we will answer them.