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Apple Watch Strap Conversion

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When Apple introduced themselves to the wrist game, they kind of a made a splash. The watch world was split, not necessarily down the middle but it was clear form the off that this 'watch' was going to be a love it or hate it accessory. Naturally, we had to see what all of the fuss was about. When you look at this Apple Watch as a smart watch and compare it to other smart watches then you can see that this is an elegantly designed bit of kit, much like everything Apple does. But view it as a watch and you will find yourself comparing it with beautifully intricate works of art. It is much like showcasing a Hyundai i10 at Salon Privé ... People will look at the i10 all confused and know that it does not belong.

If like us, you were a bit disappointed by the watch strap offerings from Apple then do not fear. You can now get Apple Watch Strap Converters that will allow you to use a conventional watch strap with your Apple Watch. We will show you how to spruce up your Apple Watch in this guide.

Step 1: Remove the existing strap.

Flip the watch over and press down on the button whilst sliding the strap out of its case.
Step 2: Fit your new strap to the Adapters

Begin by using a Spring Bar Tool to compress the existing spring bar. Next, slide the spring bar through your new strap then locate it in the adapter. It is good to note which side up you are going to be fitting your strap. You will want to match the top side of the strap with the top side of the adapter otherwise your strap will be upside-down. The top side of the adapters is the side that contains the three black rubber inserts whilst the underside contains two rubber and one metal insert.

Now that you have determined which way is up, use your spring bar tool to compress the spring bar and locate it in to the second spring bar hole.

Your fitted strap should look something like this. Fitting the strap before fitting the adapters eliminates the possibility of scratching the Apple Watch case.

Now that both of your lengths of strap are firmly in the Apple Watch Adapters, you will  be able to slide the strap and adapter back in to the case of the Apple Watch.

There you have it. We told you it was easy... If you come undone or need any assistance then please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us page.

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