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Hirsch No-Allergy Watch Bottom

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Another innovative product from HIRSCH, this unique accessory is an anti-allergic adhesive cover for the bottom of your watch.

If you have always been allergic to some metals in watches, these covers will act as a buffer between your skin and the watch itself so that you will not have an allergic reaction with the watch.

Contents are as follows:

  • The SMALL (MIXED) version features 20 pre-punched circular coverings of various smaller diameters (4 × 8mm, 4 × 12mm, 4 × 16mm, 4 × 20mm, 4 × 23mm).
  • The LARGE (MIXED) version features 10 pre-punched circular coverings of various larger diameters (1 × 20mm, 3 × 25mm, 4 × 30mm, 2 × 35mm).
  • The UNPUNCHED version is a blank 105mm² sheet, allowing you to freely cut out your own coverings at an appropriate size - ideal for use with square, rectangular or oval watches.

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