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  • Heroic18 - Torpedo Submarine 4GB USB
  • Heroic18 - Torpedo Submarine 4GB USB
  • Heroic18 - Torpedo Submarine 4GB USB


Heroic18 - Torpedo Submarine 4GB USB

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Heroic18 bring a bit of fun for Panerai Collectors with this iconic Torpedo Sub USB Stick.
If you know Panerai and it's history you have to add this item to your collection!!!!


Length 10 cms
Made from Soft Rubber
Torpedo Shaped USB Stick
4GB Storage
Supplied in a Heroic18 storage box.
HISTORY of the Torpedo Submarine

Human torpedoes or manned torpedoes are a type of rideable submarine used as secret naval weapons in World War II.

The basic design is still in use today; they are a type of diver propulsion vehicle.

The name was commonly used to refer to the weapons that Italy, and later Britain, deployed in the Mediterranean and used to attack ships in enemy harbours. A group of a dozen countries used the human torpedo, from Italy and the United Kingdom to Argentina and Egypt, and there are some museums and movies dedicated to this naval weapon. The human torpedo concept is used recreationally for sport diving.

The first human torpedo (the Italian Maiale) was electrically propelled, with two crewmen in diving suits riding astride. They steered the torpedo at slow speed to the enemy ship. The detachable warhead was then used as a limpet mine. They then rode the torpedo away.

In operation, the Maiale torpedo was carried by another vessel (usually a normal submarine), and launched near the target. Most manned torpedo operations were at night and during the new moon to cut down the risk of being seen.

The idea was successfully applied by the Italian navy (Regia Marina) early in World War II and then copied by the British when they discovered the Italian operations. The official Italian name for their craft was Siluro a Lenta Corsa (SLC or "Slow-running torpedo"), but the Italian operators nicknamed it maiale (Italian for "pig"; plural maiali) because it was difficult to steer.



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