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Bell & Ross-Style Strap Changing Tool Set

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This set of two Strap Changing tools for Bell & Ross Watches is the ideal set for changing your Bell & Ross Watch Strap.
The Hex heads are perfectly suited to the Bell & Ross BR-01 & BR-03.
They are very robust and finished nicely in a PVD coating.
Ergonomically suited to everyone's needs with one screwdriver being straight and one being cranked to make strap changing easier, one tool to hold the hex screws, the other to undo with ease.


Straight Tool:
  • Total Length (Including tip): 90mm
  • Width (at the thickest point): 5mm (approx)
  • Length of Hex pin: 11mm (approx)

  • Cranked Tool:
  • Total Length: 55mm (approx)
  • Width: 30mm (approx)
  • Length of Hex pin: 11mm (approx)

  • These are not made by Bell & Ross, they are aftermarket replacements.