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Two-Piece Rubber Nato Straps by ISOSWISS

Two-Piece Rubber Nato Straps by ISOSWISS

ISOSWISS is a brand that has not been at WatchObsession very long but it is proving to be quite a popular choice amongst those of you that want a quality rubber watch strap. Their latest release comes in the form of a two-piece Nato strap which you ca probably guess, is made from rubber.

ISOSWISS Rubber Nato Watch Straps with Tudor Black Bay

The Swiss made rubber watch straps are made with the precision and top quality you would expect from a Swiss made product. ISOSWISS have managed to apply a really neat texture to the top of the strap to make it look like a premium fabric strap but with the performance of a rubber strap.

ISOSWISS Rubber Nato Strap in Black on Tudor Black Bay

For now, the only width that you can get one of these awesome two-piece Nato straps in is 22mm but we have already requested more size options. Length wise, the total length of this strap is 230mm with the short length (buckle side) being 65mm and the longer length coming in at a huge 165mm. The brushed buckle and hardware elevate the look and feel of the strap and will allow you to tuck any excess strap back in on itself.

Quick release spring bars on the ISOSWISS Rubber Nato in Green

This strap also comes with quick release spring bars fitted as standard which allows for super speedy strap changes. You may have also noted a tonal cross stitching on the straps which we feel perfectly finishes it off. Our Tudor Black Bay Steel looks so good with these new rubber Nato straps but the straps would work well on a lot of dive watches.

Tudor Black Bay and ISOSWISS Nato on the wrist

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