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WatchObsession Review Guide

Writing a review about a product you have purchased from WatchObsession will help your fellow watch enthusiast out and in turn we help you out by rewarding you with a WatchObsession discount code. For those unsure as to how you write a review on our website, this step-by-step guide will help you through leaving a review and claiming your discount code.

Our WatchObsession website is optimised for use on Mobile and Tablet devices so we have put together two guide which are essentially the same process but the screen will look different.

Let us begin with the guide for use on desktop computers or laptops.

Firstly, you will need to locate the product that you bought from us and click on it to enter the product page.

Once you are in the product page, scroll down until you come to a box on the right hand side titled "Product Reviews'. Once you have found this box, you will need to click on the 'Write a review' link you can see there.

Once you have clicked on the 'Write a review' link, the box will extend and you will now have areas to fill in information about your review. The information needed consists of the following; Name (full name in optional) Email (this will not be displayed publicly) Location (this will not be displayed publicly) Once this fields are complete, you will need to click on the amount of stars you wish to rate the product. The all that is left to do is give your review a title and write your experiences with the product.


Below is how the form will look filled in


Once you have written about the product, simply click the dark grey button titled 'Submit Review'. Your review will be sent to us for approval. This is only because we sometimes get spam reviews left.

Great! Your review is on its way to us and as a reward, you will be able to see the WatchObsession 10% off discount code for all of your hard work.

The process for leaving a review on a Mobile or Tablet is very much the same but obviously the screen looks different.

First off, start by finding the product you purchased from us and tap on it to get to the product page.


Once in the product page, you will need to scroll down to find and tap on the 'Write a review' within the Product Reviews box.

After tapping on 'Write a review' you will be able to see some fields which you will need to fill out. The same applies for the mobile and tablet as it does the desktop and laptop process. Not all fields are mandatory.

After you have filled in your information and given the product a rating, you are now on to titling and writing your review. The review can be as long or as short as you would like but once you have written everything you need to, just scroll down a bit and hit the 'Submit Review' button.

After tapping the 'Submit Review' button, your review will be sent to us for approval. This is only because we sometimes get spam reviews being left. You will now need to take town the discount code that appears once you have hit the 'Submit Review' button.

Thank you for reading and should you have any questions then please email and we will try and assist you as best as possible.


  • Posted by Sarah on

    I love my new watch. Extremely helpful, honest company. A mega thanks to Gary

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